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(Formerly Cottonwood Vision Care)
1646 Alameda Blvd. NW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114
Phone: 505-452-2020
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Monday – Friday: 9am-5pm
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Westside Albuquerque Optometrist Eye Care Center

Albuquerque is a moderately sized city that offers a wealth of activities including hiking, galleries, zoos, and more. The relatively young population — the median age is 35.7 years old — keeps the city moving. If you want to take in all of the good sights around town, you need to be able to see clearly, which means visiting a Westside Albuquerque optometrist such as Orbit Eyecare for regular eye exams.

Conveniently Located in West Albuquerque

Orbit Eyecare has three locations in New Mexico, with two in Albuquerque. The Westside location is just west of the banks of the Rio Grande along Alameda Blvd. NW, down the road from the Corrales Shopping Center. This is only about 3 miles west of Interstate 25, making this a very convenient location for a Westside Albuquerque eye doctor. Instead of going out of your way to have your eyes checked, you can work the appointment into any errand-running trips you make easily.

Comprehensive Eyecare Services

Everyone should get their eyes examined regularly, and finding an optometrist in Westside Albuquerque is easy when you contact Orbit Eyecare. The optometrists on staff can:

General Eye Exams

Have your eyes examined to see how your vision is doing and whether you have any potential eye problems forming. The earlier you find problems, the easier it is to treat them.

Diabetes Eye Care

Gradual changes in vision due to diabetes might not be noticeable if you’ve lived with them for a long time. But an exam and an optometrist’s care may make you realize that you’ve had certain symptoms appear, and these need to be treated quickly.

Retinal Imaging

It is essential that you monitor how the inside of your eye and your retina are doing as you age. With retinal imaging, the optometrist can keep track of macular and non-macular drusen, or even tiny tears that might not be causing noticeable problems yet. If you can catch any of these when they are still tiny, you can take valuable action to prevent them from getting worse.

Optical Services

Maybe your optic health is great, but you’ve got a slight prescription. No problem; Orbit Eyecare has opticians and eyewear waiting for you. If you don’t want traditional glasses, you can get fitted for contacts.

LASIK Exam & Evaluation

Of course, not everyone with a strong prescription wants to stay that way, and if you want to find out more about LASIK surgery, our optometrists can give you additional information. Here is your chance to speak to an eye doctor in Westside Albuquerque about possibly leaving that prescription behind forever.

Orbit Eyecare is the place to go for comprehensive eye treatment and exams when you want to see knowledgeable optometrists in a convenient location. Whether you live in or near Westside Albuquerque, contact our eye care specialists at Orbit Eyecare to set up an appointment today.