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North Valley Albuquerque Optometrist

North Valley Albuquerque Optometrist Eye Care Center

Residents of North Valley Albuquerque can enjoy healthier eyes and better vision thanks to Orbit Eyecare & Optical. Our optometrist has the equipment and expertise to handle all common types of eye problems. Our eye care center is also within a convenient distance from all areas within the greater North Valley area, and is located at North Valley, 6601 4th St NW Suite R, Albuquerque, NM 87107, near Adobe Garden at Los Ranchos and the Northdale Shopping Center.

North Valley Albuquerque Eye Care Services

You can visit our eye doctor in North Valley if you have eye problems or for a routine eye checkup. We have the expertise to examine, diagnose, and treat vision problems and other eye health issues.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our North Valley eye doctors offer comprehensive eye exams for people of all age groups. This involves measuring visual acuity, measuring the corneal curvature, evaluating the neurological function and assessing the effect of diseases such as stroke to eye health among other evaluations.

Contact Lens Evaluation and Fitting

Additional tests are required before you can wear the contact lenses. The cornea health is evaluated before you are issued with the contact lenses, your vision is evaluated after wearing the contact lenses, and the fitting evaluation is also done to ensure comfort.

Ocular Urgent Care

Our optometrists in North Valley can treat common eye problems, infections, removal of foreign bodies, inflammations, and abrasions among other problems. We have the equipment and expertise to handle eye problems fast saving your money, time, and discomfort.


Dilation is a procedure where eye drops are applied to the eyes to cause the pupils to dilate. This helps the doctor to see the macula, retina and the optic nerve as well as any other area that may be infected and deal with the infection.

LASIK (Laser Refractive Surgery) Evaluations

This laser surgical procedure corrects such problems such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism through the reshaping of the cornea. We evaluate candidates for the procedure and refer them to one of our reputable partners. We then follow up with our clients after the procedure. If you have an eye problem, would like to know the health status of your eyes or seek information of how best to take care of your eyes due to your job or environment, call or request an appointment with our North Albuquerque optometrists for healthy eyes and clear vision.