Ocular Migraines Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Ocular Migraines: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Ocular migraines are non-permanent, visual disturbances that can have an effect on either one or both of your eyes. Such migraines are usually painless and will sometimes lead to blindness in one eye for a short time usually less than an hour. It is a rare problem, and researchers suggest that its symptoms will manifest […]


What You Should Know About Age-Related Eye Conditions

You may enjoy good eye health and excellent vision throughout your retirement years, without being affected by significant age-related vision loss. However, aging does present you with an increased risk of eye diseases and other conditions that can impact your vision. You may already have begun to notice, possibly as early as your 40s, that […]

What to Expect at an Eye Exam

What to Expect at an Eye Exam

Protecting your vision is critical. In many situations, lost vision cannot be repaired. Yet, with preventative care and routine visits to the eye doctor, not only can you potentially see better, but you may be able to avoid vision loss or distortion. Everyone needs an eye exam from Dr. Bobby Jarrell, Dr. Robert Jarrell, or […]

6 Ways to Protect Your Eyes this Winter

6 Ways to Protect Your Eyes this Winter

You probably know that you should protect your eyes during the summer, but did you know that you should protect your eyes during the winter too? Cold, dry air and bright sunlight in Albuquerque can damage your eyes and affect your eyesight. This winter, protect your eyes with these easy tips from Dr. Bobby Jarrell, […]

Thanksgiving Foods For Healthy Eyes

Thanksgiving Foods For Healthy Eyes

Thanksgiving is a great time to share a traditional meal with family and to give thanks. This is a time where most people are probably not thinking about their eye health. That being said, many of the foods served in a traditional Thanksgiving feast actually promote good eye health. These staples are rich in nutrients […]

Retinal Imaging: A Glimpse into Both Vision and Overall Health

Studying the complexities of the retina isn’t a new science. Dutch ophthalmologist Van Trigt published the first images of the retina in 1853. Digital retinal imaging was introduced in the 1990s. Having developed rapidly over the past 160 years, retinal imaging is now a mainstay of the clinical care and management of patients suffering from both retinal and other […]


Major Advances in Laser Surgery

The first human laser eye surgery was performed in 1989. Refractive or laser surgery has been used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism for close to 30 years. Over time, this medical procedure has quickly evolved with new technology being develop to make it much safer for the patient. Today, less than one percent of […]

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